welcome to my photography website

Welcome to my photography website. Here you can find my latest photography works. This portfolio reflects my professional work and passion over the past 7 years that have gathered. Eye pleasing and well designed visuals have always been a fascinations. I have an obsession for visual-, fashion-, product design and architecture. To capture moments of life and phenomena I always have my DSLR camera with me. Photography has become a solid part of my life. Snowboarding and skateboarding give me a great joy. Traveling around the world has shaped my life with valuable experiences.

I’ve worked on numerous commercial photography projects and received very positive feedback. My style is very minimalistic and simple focusing on the essence of the product or object. I’m using Nikon D300 and D800 with a staggering 36 MP and loads of equipment carried with me to get the job done. I primarily use prime lenses to get the maximum quality of sharpness and picture quality.

Latest Projects