Shanghai Hotel Photography

Minh Tang is a specialized Shanghai hotel photographer in China. With over 10 years of photography experience he has delivered quality and amazing hotel and architectural shots over the past decade. With his experience in graphic design, Minh Tang takes advantage of unique retouching techniques to bring out the colors, textures and details of interior and architectural features.The importance of hotel photography is not to just take the photo, but to literally “make” or “paint” a photo. Nothing is random in the photo, all elements are deliberately arranged to bring out its best appearance. Hotel photography is rather designing the interior and add additional elements to turn it into a beautiful and pleasant visual.Hotel room photography is the cornerstone of your hotel marketing. Great hotel photos are essential to market your business because most hotel bookings are triggered by visual presentation presented online or on offline marketing materials. With our experience we will help you to organize and prepare for the shoot in order to achieve professional quality images. We work closely with your marketing department to ensure to provide a satisfactory result for your marketing needs.

hotel photography minh tang